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What we can do for you

The civil engineering Stylianou Ncholaos Office provides all kinds of services that are relevant to engineering from designing study to construction.

Civil engineer’s Stylianou Nicholaos office offers high-standard services of engineers to individuals and professionals.

Engineering Consultants

Services of Engineering Consultants

Scientific methods and techniques of lightening costs of the produced result . Changes in the programming and management of projects. Methods of financing and control of the projects and coordination of action towards the production result.

Construction projects

Engineer’s services for construction projects

Statics calculating of a static model, functioning of structure. Organising of architectural study as a scientific practice and any information depicted in designs and texts. Designing of constructions made of armed reinforced concrete according to the European standards.

Energy projects

Engineer’s services for energy projects

Issues of electro-engineering plants indoors and outdoors. Energy project reviews according to the European instruction and issue of energy certification. Studies of fire safety according to the instructions of fire protection for dwellings and professional venues.

Transportation projects

Engineer’s services for transportation projects

Use of construction machinery and transportation vehicles in engineering projects and engineering of earthwork machinery.

Waste management

Engineer’s services for projects of waste management (dangerous and non-dangerous)

Units of deposit and processing of urban waste. Biologic refining of urban waste. Environmental annoyances and management, decontamination and applications of processing.